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Here is what Headmaster France had to say about Mr. Ross:

Christopher Ross has been at Miller School for just over 11 years. In that time he has become part of the fabric of Miller School by providing students an excellent experience in their study of English. In his early years Mr. Ross worked with middle school students and eventually, became the lead teacher for Grade 12, both in the standard English 12 and in A.P. English Literature and Composition. He has a passion for poetry and has inspired countless students to explore their lyrical, measured talent in using the written word. Nevertheless, Mr. Ross’ greatest strength is his ability to help students learn how to think critically, an essential skill that serves them well in the nation’s top universities. The nuance of a word, the subtlety of style, the meaning behind the obvious are all emphases of his work with students. Over the years an increasing number of graduates return to compliment their learning experience with “Coach” Ross.

When we say that Mr. Ross is part of the fabric of Miller School, we mean that he is present or exudes a presence in every aspect of the program, having enabled the School to initiate such programs as our weekly poetry broadcasts, our Senior Speech program, and our Spring Honors program which highlights competition in the recitation of classical and original poetry. He coaches lacrosse and works countless hours with students outside the class day. The key description of Mr. Ross is “inspirational.” He manages to elicit in all who pass through his classes both original thoughts and the courage to express them eloquently.

Congratulations Mr. Ross, Miller is lucky to have you!

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September 24, 2010 at 3:04 PM

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