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Drama Performance A Hit

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Slide show HERE.

On October 23rd and 25th, the Singing Kings and Drama Queens performed for appreciative audiences. An adaption of The Butterfly Lovers conceived of by Kate Zhao, adapted by Ms. Burke and performed with shadow puppets created by Yoonji Kim. The mesmerizing shadow play was acted out by Taylor Baker, Grace Dawson and Samantha Orem and narrated by Damian Cutchin.

Accompanied by Ms. Hizer on piano, Haokai Xu thrilled those listening with his rendition of the song Maria.

Andrew Lee and Samantha Orem accompanied by Ms. Hizer performed A Whole New World dressed as Aladdin and Jasmine.

Ballad for Sarah-Jane was sung by the duo of Samantha Orem and Grace Dawson and the pair then joined Haokai Xu for a passionate performance of Let The Sunshine In.

Rounding up the very enjoyable time on the Chapel stage were Taylor Baker, Grace Dawson and Samantha Orem belting out a rousing rendition of Mama, I’m A Big Girl Now.

The production was directed by Mr. Hunter and Ms. Hizer was the music director. Taylor Baker choreographed Mama, I’m A Big Girl Now. Harry Shaffren and Kate Zhao worked hard as production assistants and Patricia Leavitt costumed the actors beautifully.

All who were lucky enough to be an audience member enjoyed themselves very much.

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October 27, 2010 at 11:14 AM

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