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9th Grade Field Trip to UVA for our “Learn to Research Day”

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Mr. Neumeister and Ms. Simpkins took the ninth grade class to the University of Virginia on Friday, October 22.  They began the day with a scavenger hunt on the lawn.  Students hunted for various historical landmarks from the Rotunda to Cabell Hall.  Then they had a historical tour of UVA and looked at a wide variety of architecture, Edgar Allan Poe’s dorm room, and the inside of the Rotunda.  After the tour they had a research seminar in Clemons Library where they learned how to research for books in the extensive libraries and how to research on the computer using electronic databases.  They even went to Special Collections and looked at one of the first drafts of The Declaration of Independence. After a wonderful lunch on the beautiful fall day they went to Riverview Park for a nature walk. The slide show is HERE.

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October 28, 2010 at 2:46 PM

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