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Spring Honors 2012

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On April 4, 2012 MSA held its annual Spring Honors with Taylor Baker and Aaron Barnett as Masters of Ceremonies; a day in which students can show off their many talents. The design/build students displayed their beautiful and skillfully created furniture, wooden boxes and a go cart they designed and constructed, as well as architectural models of homes they had designed. Students entered essays in Spanish, Poetry and Fiction, Literary Analysis, Research and the Iron Grammarian. Poetry students also performed their poems in a Poetry Slam. Photography and visual art were also submitted, displayed and judged.

A Spelling Bee was held with the participation of fourteen students. When it came down to just Max Johnson and Taylor Parsons remaining, Max pulled out the win with the word ‘diurnal’ and was awarded a copy of The Oxford Dictionary.

A game of Miller Jeopardy was played between team Jennie and team Chase. A lot of clever strategy was used by both teams, but team Chase won by one point for a score of 2201 to 2200 with a final Jeopardy question about the Branuli Principal and definition.

Music students wowed the crowd with performances in the following categories: Classical, Contemporary/Vocal and Musical Group.

Awards were presented in all categories and are listed below. The program was wrapped up with a singing of the Miller School song. For video of the event, go here. For photos, go here.

Thanks to our judges, Terri Allard, Kiera Allison, Ashley Faulkner, Thomas Fickley, Molly Jones, Robin McElwee, Chris Ross, Andrew Shurtleff, Jo Vining, Betty Walsh.

Award winners are as follows:

Poetry – First place, Alexey Zielinski with his poem “Ode to a Pen”, Second place, Max Johnson with his poem “Oxymoronic”

Classical – Denny Yoo playing and arranging Frederic Chopin’s Op. 10 #5 and Op. 64 #2, Honorable Mention, Edward Her performing Chopin’s Op. 10 #4

Contemporary/Vocal Music – Nelly Hawley-Hayes and Andrew Bowman performing “How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore”

Musical Group Performance –  Paradox performing “Yellow”

Spanish Essay – First place, Grayson Gunner, Second place, Chris Keeling

Literary Analysis – First place, Sara Vogelgesang, Second place, Chris Keeling, Honorable Mention, Sam James, Eight grade Honorable Mention, Helen Hylton

Research – First place, Chris Keeling, Second place, Grayson Gunner

Iron Grammarian – Sam James

Fiction – First place, Andy Mangham, Second place, Elias Hubbard

Photography – First place, Rachel Leach, Second place, Grayson Gunner, Honorable Mentions, Max Johnson, Ashleigh Claybrooks, Christian Cassity, Devon Anderson, Will Karns

Visual Arts – First place, Nira Liu

Congratulations to everyone, it was a fantastic day!

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April 10, 2012 at 2:23 PM

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