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In conjunction with reading The Hunger Games, Mr. Ross’ classes have been in competition with one another in completing the following tasks;

1. building an outdoor shelter
2. catching a fish
3. designing and completing an orienteering course
4. building an all purpose tool
5. collecting and identifying tree samples
6. tying of a bowline knot

Says Ross; “Besides learning some new skills, this “Hunger Games” competition has allowed the seniors to spend some time outside, working together with their hands. In a sense, what these tasks ask them to do is take one last appreciative look around at the place they’ve called home before they graduate in a couple weeks. MVP’s for each team have varied, but Chris Wigand, Joaquin Litzenberger, Dan Baer, and Harry Shaffren have highlighted their shelter building skills.  Whereas Sam Ridenhour, Jarrad Mosicki, Jeremy Walker, and Justin Cooper have excelled at catching fish. Tree identifiers extraordinaire have been Grant Dinwiddie, Theodore Kim, and Lili Li. Like to take a stab at orienteering?  If you were to follow the following azimuths, starting at the North Steps, where would you end up and how long would it take you?

  1. 2 degrees NE 235 paces= ______________________
  2. 80 degrees NE 47 paces= _________________________
  3. 0 degress due N 120 paces= __________________________
  4. 310 degrees NW 135 paces= ______________________________
  5. 220 degrees SW 136 paces= ______________________________Time:___________________

Adds Ross, “The A.P. class will vote on best shelters, and, if all goes well, the night of Baccalaureate we will pull the shelters apart and burn them in a bonfire down by the Lotus Pond.  There, also, will be handed out awards for the competition.”














To see all the photos go HERE.

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May 18, 2012 at 4:10 PM

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