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An Opening Year Word From Class President Meghan

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School spirit. Wikipedia defines it as “emotional support for one’s educational institution”. My definition is somewhat similar: School spirit is more than just dressing up on game day. It is more than face paint and posters and cheering. And although that is a large factor of school spirit, there is more to it than the physical part. School spirit is community. It is the unconditional love for the school, the teachers, the students and the message that is portrayed through the academic program. Minds, Hands, Hearts. Respect the Hill. It’s not just a saying on the back of a t-shirt or words hanging on a banner. Those words are sort of a philosophy that has been established throughout the years at Miller. Spirit is following through and respecting that philosophy. School spirit is wearing those words, Respect the Hill, proudly and setting a high bar for anyone who comes upon campus. Spirit is trust. When I put down my back pack filled with my cell phone, my laptop and my iPod, I trust that when I return to it, everything will be exactly where I had last placed it. Spirit is love. It is reaching out a hand when someone else is in trouble or needs help. Spirit is togetherness. There is no “I” in team; that is what we are: one large team.

When I first arrived at Miller, I was absolutely shocked that a SENIOR was talking to a freshman. How is that so? No senior ever talked to freshman at my public high school. It was against “the law”. But that is why Miller is so special. Spirit is family. But why is it that Miller is so lacking when is comes to spirit? We have all the ingredients and the recipe is right there! So where is our school spirit? I am setting the bar and I challenge us as a community to raise that bar this year. Let us go above and beyond when it comes to spirit. I want to see community and love and family.

And as far as sports are concerned, away or home, we will be the most spirited there without being disrespectful to the other team. Why? Who cares if we yell at the other team. They will probably be doing the same thing! Simply because that’s just not how we roll here at the Miller School of Albemarle. I want to see face paint, capes, that silly horse head, wigs, posters, balloons. I want to hear us above everyone else. And if it costs us a little dignity? Who cares. That just shows everyone else how serious we are about our school. Let’s get crazy and loud and show our school spirit in everything we do. I am ready for this year.

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September 4, 2012 at 8:40 AM

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