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The Second Annual Robotics Competition

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The second annual Robotics Competition was held on Thursday afternoon, October the 26th .    The Robotics Program has grown to the point that Miller can support two teams allowing more students to participate in the designing, building and programming of robots.  It also allows us to host a competition between the two teams as the final event of the fall season.  The competition also gives the program a chance to show the student body and community the robots in action.   The Red Team of Alex Chan and Max Collins, the primary designers and builders of the red robot, took on the more experienced Blue Team of Jason Liu, Vicki Ao and new member Feier Chen.  The competition was broken into three ten minute task oriented sessions.  The Blue team won the first session, the Red Team, by a slim margin, the second and Red team won the contest by handily outscoring the Blue team in the final session

The other student members of the program, David Wu, Ryan Liu, Little Jason Liu, John Capaccio, and Ethan Wu worked with Mr. Gottlob to build the arena and construct the task framework for the competition.  The tasks, rules and guidelines for the competition are provided by First Tech.  Using the –First Tech guidelines allows us to measure our robots against a national standard.  Enjoy the video and pictures!

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November 8, 2012 at 1:12 PM

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